Meticulous review was invaluable

I contacted Rachel Michaels to help me edit a multi-authored, technically-complex proposal. Rachel’s meticulous review was invaluable. Her scientific knowledge and experience were a real asset; in addition to style and grammar, she identified sections of the text that were unclear or did not fit in the overall context of the framework presented. Her editing helped clarify many aspects of our proposal, gave it a unified voice, and allowed us to focus on other aspects of the submission. Additionally, we were on a tight schedule, with authors continuously making additions and corrections, Rachel was flexible and accessible, even over the weekend, to help us complete the edits on time. We would certainly use her services again.

-Client, Senior Research Scientist

Grateful to have had her help

I contacted Rachel Michaels with a very short deadline to edit an academic paper for a journal. Not only did she do the reviewing very quickly and thoroughly, but she also made herself available during the final hours of my deadline, responding to questions, helping me rewrite phrases, and checking new paragraphs. I cannot express how grateful I am to have had her help in those final moments; it was well beyond the attention I’ve gotten with any other editor.

-Client, Post-doc

Gifted academic editor

Rachel Michaels has edited two of my research manuscripts. She is a gifted academic editor with a great deal of professionalism in her services. Her attention goes beyond the main body of the paper and encompasses the captions of figures and tables too, which are often overlooked in many instances. She not only improves the quality of words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs, but also provides me with alternative suggestions from which to choose. She always does an excellent job, and her comments are very useful.

I have found the whole process a learning experience as English is my second language. Furthermore, the experience I have had with her has already inspired me to finalize a couple more research manuscripts which have been languishing in my desk for a while.

– Client, Professor

Editing work is excellent

Rachel Michaels has been editing scientific documents and manuscripts for me since 2014. Rachel’s scientific background gives her a strong foundation for her service that most other editors lack. She returns documents promptly. Her editing work is excellent, as are her suggestions on ways to rephrase sentences to better convey their intended meaning. Rachel’s attention to detail is evident by her insightful changes that she suggests, helpful comments added in the margins, and ability to find errors in figures. The manuscript review process is definitely easier for me because Rachel has thoroughly edited my manuscripts before submission. As a scientist with English as my second language, I feel that I benefit greatly from having Rachel edit my manuscripts.

– Client, Research Professor

Has an eye for detail

As a Market Research consultant for major corporations my presentations, given to upper management, must be well written, concise, and professional quality. I always have Rachel Michaels review my presentations and trust her to find and correct any errors in formatting as well as unclear content. Rachel grasps new subject matter quickly and provides valuable insights. Her background and experience bring a unique perspective to the business world. Rachel has an eye for detail and I rely on her for all of my editing needs.

– Client, Market Research Consultant

Strong scientific background is a big plus

Rachel’s strong scientific background is a big plus. She can understand the big picture and provide helpful comments on text, and at the same time she’s attentive to details of punctuation and grammar. Using her services as a “filter” before submitting manuscripts and proposals makes the whole process easier and more effective!

– Client, Professor

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